Who is Right to The City?

Right to the City Boston is a multi-issued alliance of grassroots based-building organizations representing low-income, POC/immigrant communities working together for social justice. Alternatives for Community and Environment, Boston Workers Alliance, Chinese Progressive Association, City Life/Vida Urbana, New England United 4 Justice, and Neighbors United for a Better East Boston have all come together under a platform of values and principles - the right to stable community, the right to economic justice and good jobs, the right to democratic participation, the right to public good and the right to a healthy environment. Our alliance is committed to supporting and strengthening our member organizations’ individual social justice fights and base building.  Our collective work is currently centered on fighting displacement and gentrification of our BOSTON.

What is the Right to Remain Coalition?

Right to Remain is a growing popular movement demanding neighborhood stabilization and our Right 2 Remain in Boston. Our citywide coalition of groups and organizations are fighting displacement and gentrification at the neighborhood level anchored by Right to the City Boston in partnership with Boston Tenant Coalition. Right to Remain is focused on multiple stabilization policy and advocacy strategies that increase tenant rights and protections, demand community control over land/development, address wealth building in our communities and makes speculators pay.